Miller Protective Services (MPS) is committed to providing the best possible service while ensuring all our clients feel safe and secure.

Professional Services
A high level of competence and professionalism are the hallmarks of Miller Protective Services. MPS employs off-duty officers from the ranks of experienced law enforcement officers and loss prevention and security personnel throughout the community. MPS staffs undergo employment and criminal background checks and agree to a drug test. Each and every one of our employees must first meet our high standards before we entrust them with your safety.

Customer Satisfaction
Your security is our job. MPS creates a visible element in and around your event, office buildings, condominiums, residential communities, hotels, construction sites, or hospitals. MPS management provides on-site supervision for our personnel to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

Security Consultation
Providing true security is far more challenging than placing uniformed personnel at entrances. The manner in which security is handled is always a reflection on your company or your facility.  MPS works with clients to develop proper security objectives. MPS offers its expertise in developing a strategic security plan and invests its resources to meet your security needs.  We offer tips and advice on how clients can improve physical security and provide comprehensive services from off-duty officers, unarmed guards and mobile patrols to create visibility and presence.